Integrated lecture and tutorials “Brain-Computer Interfacing“ (in English!)

Course information

Credit4 SWS, 6 ECTS
Time:Thursday, 10:15 am to 11:45 am (video lecture); Thursday, 12:15 am to 13:45 am (video tutorial)
Location:Big Blue Button
Start:First week of lecture term
Lecturers:Benjamin Blankertz, Daniel Miklody
ISIS:[2021-WS] BCI-IL The enrollment key (for participants without TU account) is: BCI21


Forward and Backward Model of EEG; Event-related Potentials; Spatial Filters; Multivariate Analysis of Brain Signals; Single-Trial Classification of Spatio-Temporal Features; Regularized Discriminant Analysis; Interpretation of Spatial Patterns and Filters; Modulation of Brain Rhythms; Event-Related Synchronization and Desynchronization; Common Spatial Pattern Analysis; Classification of Spatio-Spectral Features; Coherency Analysis; Multi-Subject Learning; Experimental Design.


Programming skills (Python); background in mathematics, in particular linear algebra and probability theory.

Helpful, but not obligatory: Knowledge in signal processing and machine learning.


The grade is determined as ‚Portfolioprüfung‘ according to § 47 (2) AllgStuPO with the grading system 2 of faculty IV. * Exercises: Concurrent to the lecture, there will be a tutorial in which ten assignment sheets have to be solved. These are devoted to practical EEG analysis (programming). * Written exams: In the first half and in the second half of the lecture, there will a written test of about 45 minutes.

Depending on the module (see next section), there are further courses and elements and make up the final grade.


This course is part of the following modules:

  • #40515 „Brain-Computer Interfacing (basic)“ (6 LP) IL
  • #40362 „Brain-Computer Interfacing“ (9 LP) IL + SE


  • Slides / exercises will be put on the ISIS page of the course.


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